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Coffee Sugar Face Scrub


Built from the best for the best!

Plant derived oils rich in essential fatty acids that serve as the building blocks to a healthy, strong moisture barrier that supports hydration

Botanical extracts including peppermint, sweet orange, and lime to help reduce acne causing bacteria, inflammation, and free radical scavenging. 

Fresh, fine, ground coffee and sugar – these gentle exfoliators do double duty by also bringing some extras to the table: Antioxidant caffeine that supports healthy collagen production and glycolic acid that encourages healthy cellular turnover.

Put your best, brightest, baby soft face forward with Ogg Supply Co Coffee Sugar Scrub.







cane sugar, coconut palm sugar, fresh ground coffee, oils of cocos nucifera, vitas vinifera, persea, botanical extracts of  cinnamon, mentha piperita, citrus sinensis, citrus aurantifolia, vanilla planifolia oleoresin

Discontinue if irritation develops, limit use to 2-3x/week to avoid over exfoliating

Safe for use on lips

SPF Recommended


Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in


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