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Coffee Sugar Body Scrub


Tired of struggling with cellulite, dull, dry, skin? Brighten up your morning routine with this indulgent body scrub!

  •  Fresh ground coffee that’s full of caffeine & countless antioxidants to support collagen production, enhance texture and reduce free radical damage
  •  Raw sugars for a natural hit of glycolic acid to help even tone and encourage cellular turnover
  • Nourishing oils packed with essential fatty acids including ceramic building block super star ; Linoleic acid and ultra moisturizing, deep penetrating Oleic acid
  •  Plus carefully selected essential oils like rosemary to enhance circulation and tea tree to keep skin clean

We guarantee Ogg Supply Co Coffee Sugar Body Scrub will leave you energized, invigorated, moisturized, baby soft and ready to rule your day!




ingredients: sugar (demerara, cane, coconut palm) coffee, oils of  (cocos nucifera, vitas vinifera, persea) vanilla planifolia oleresin, lavandula, salvia rosemarinus, citrus sinensis

Pregnancy Caution  – salvia rosemarinus

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in


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