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Neat Set & Aftercare Kit


Everything you need for your tattoo from preparing your skin, to healing your new tattoo and protecting its longevity.

Includes; Neat Cleanser , Neat Butter and Neat Oil.

With our full size aftercare package you can;

  • Make sure your skin is healthy, nourished and hydrated by moisturizing with Neat Oil before your appointment;
  • Take your new, unopened Neat Cleanser and Neat Butter to your artist to have them use in process (always allow your artist to have final say on their tools)
  • Heal your new tattoo and continue to take care of it once it’s healed! This is a great package for collectors as it will definitely allow you to heal a very large area and multiple tattoos. The Neat line is also an excellent addition to any collectors routine of care; these products will keep your skin healthy and keep your art vibrant!

Before & Aftercare Kits comes with their own handstamped cotton drawstring bag.

Artists that are interest in carrying Before & Aftercare kits for their clients; our cause price is a 50% wholesale margin

(Always follow the care instructions given to you by your artist)

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Single Set, Case (Qty 12)


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