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Neat Cleanser


Less is more right? Thats definitely the case with Ogg Supply Co Neat Cleanser. Only a few ingredients come together to bring you a lovely foaming soap like no other.

  • Witch Hazel helps reduce redness, inflammation and acne causing bacteria
  • Castile – the oils in Castile soap penetrate deep into your pores, allowing you to rinse away dirt and buildup with ease

Extra gentle and effective Neat Cleanser will clear your skin without damaging it by stripping precious natural oils.

Neat Cleanser is also an excellent option for cleansing skin during the tattoo process as it will not strip away lidocaine and also helps to reduce redness and irritation, Clients can also choose Neat Butter as a gentle cleanser for healing their tattoo.


Ingredients: Argan/jojoba/hemp derived castile soap, witch hazel, distilled water


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