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Neat Butter

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Neat Butter, specially designed for sensitive skin, is the answer to your skin worries and woes. Heavy and light all at the same time and packed with potent botanical emollients; Neat Butter will soothe your dry skin & hair, while nourishing you from the outside and working to support & protect your skins moisture barrier. Naturally rich in

  • Vitamin E – fights free radicals and supports skin elasticity
  • Behenic Acid – smoothes, softens and condition skin – great for conditions that cause dry, scaly, cracking build up
  • Linoleic Acid – supports balanced oil production and protects your skin’s protective barrier
  • Oleic Acid -moisturizes and increases penetration for deeper hydration

Neat Butter also contain capric, caprylic, palmitic, palmitoleic and myristic fatty acids, all contributing to the nourishment, healing and hydration of your skin. Order Neat Butter now and experience soft, smooth hydrated skin.



Neat Butter has been met with excellent reception by tattoo artists and collectors alike. Neat Butter melts at body temperature and sinks into the skin as an artist works. Free of waxes and petroleum it will not react with an artists glove, clog a machine or suffocate the skin.  Artists are reporting

  • Less redness, irritation & inflammation
  • Smoother blending
  • Longer lasting stencils
  • Better grip on the clients skin

Collectors are reporting

  • Shorter healing times
  • More comfortable tattoo sessions
  • Overall happier skin

Try Neat Butter and feel the difference for yourself.





Ingredients: Extra Virgin Butter Blend ( mango, shea ) , Extra Virgin Oil Blend ( pracaxi, coconut, grapeseed, avocado, argan, rosehip )

Nt.Wt 1.6oz

Additional information

Weight2 oz

Trial 0.25oz, Full 1.6oz


Single, Case (Qty 31), Case (Qty 40)

2 reviews for Neat Butter

  1. Chazz Hysell

    This product is amazing!! It’s a great process butter when tattooing!! It keeps the skin from getting inflamed and irritated. Keeps the skin soft and makes it easier to work with. And a plus it’s not super greasy and helps with the longevity of your stencil

    • OggSupply

      Thanks Chazz! So glad to hear you love the way Neat Butter works.

  2. Derek

    Amazing products! I’ve used Neat Butter while getting tattooed along with aftercare, I’ve even used it for sunburns! Such good people too, 10/10 recommend to everyone.

    • Alexis

      Thanks Derek! It’s great having the support of great people!!

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