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Iluminance Triad


Shine bright with Illuminance! This trio is the perfect way to sample what Ogg Supply Co has to offer, share your favorites with a friend or simply be ready for those last minute travel plans!

  • 2oz Skin Soothing Mist – Witch hazel based and ultra refreshing toning mist that will add mileage and hydration to your moisturizer! Subtle notes of frankincense, lavender and myrrh will sooth your soul and your skin. Conveniently sized for on the go spritzes to help keep you dewy all day long


  • .25 oz Coffee Sugar Face Scrub – This truly edible scrub will have you glowing from within! Exfoliate away in the morning with Coffee Sugar Face Scrub to help reduce puffiness, increase circulation and restore your glow.


  • 10ml Miracle Moisture Oil – Designed to love your skin; vitamins and antioxidant rich oils enhanced with complexion loving essential oils, all in a perfectly pocket sized bottle! (BONUS : Rub 2-3 drops between your palms, cup your face and breathe in deep for an anywhere, anytime, grounding aromatherapy session. Full size

Illuminance allows you to experience all the amazing benefits of exfoliating with caffeine and enjoy them alongside the perfect skincare pairings! Recommended for Normal/Combination/Dry skin types


Please see full size products for complete ingredient lists.


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