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What you need to know & Why you need our Neat Line.

Why we’re different;


Some artists believe that petroleum can have negative consequences during the tattoo process as well as the healing process, but that has not been proven. What we do know is that petroleum jelly, like wax stays on top of the skin, keeping precious oxygen out and clogging pores; all things which contribute to lengthened healing times, scabbing and scarring. From a professional perspective these ingredients may also have a negative impact on grip and machine function. We have designed all Ogg Supply Co products to be naturally shelf stable and have kept all of our formulas 100% preservative free. We have kept our formulas simple, natural, and to the point. We use organic, whole ingredients that are 100% plant based and never heat process our products. Our Neat formulas utilize rich emollient butters, rare nourishing oils, and soothing essences to help heal your skin and preserve your tattoo.


Our Neat products will not only make your tattoo a more comfortable experience but they will also help your tattoo heal fast and stay bright. Our Neat Cleanser will soothe your fresh tattoo as it gently cleans. Our Neat Butter is a heavy moisturizer comprised of plant butters and rare oils that will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, encouraging it to heal quickly and cleanly. Our Neat Oil is a great daytime moisturizer that is conveniently packaged for on the go tattoo care. The best part is that when your tattoo is fully healed any leftover product you have is absolutely amazing for skin, hair and nails.


Our Neat Cleanser is formulated with gentle castile soap and witch hazel to help calm redness and inflammation in the skin while you cleanse your canvas. Our Neat Butter is a natural alternative to in process products like vaseline, aquaphor,  a&d, etc. Our feedback from artists is that Neat Butter provides a smooth glide, allows them to effectively grip and stretch the skin even with gloves, and does not clog needles. Our formula soothes your clients skin while you tattoo, making the experience easier for everyone. Please check out the Ogg Supply Co Pro Team page to see award winning artists that tattoo with Ogg Supply Co Neat products.

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