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We are Neal & Alexis Ogg…

Ogg Supply Co is us!!

In 2012 we honeymooned in Florida, not too far from where we are now. On this blissful trip I (Alexis) picked up a heavenly smelling coconut sea salt scrub hoping it would help me sort out some keratin related skin issues. With this particular exfoliator the scent is where the heaven ended.

Try as I might I couldn’t enjoy the product at all; my skin was raw and burned every time I used it, the oils never seemed to sink into my skin. I definitely felt like things were getting worse.

Neal would not have it! He delved into research and came to some conclusions.The salt was too drying for my skin, and perhaps the mineral oil just wasn’t that moisturizing. Not to mention the preservatives and fragrance ingredients that are often unkind to sensitive skin…

Neal led us straight to a whole new attitude towards what we put on our skin. As our preferences changed we came to find that the established market did not offer what we sought and

so we decided to build what could not be bought!

All Ogg Supply Co Products are born out of the real needs of real people. We use literally all of our products! We both agree that you can never have enough skincare!! Our formulas focus on two things;

Using minimally processed, plant based ingredients that provide the action or benefit we are seeking 

Avoiding unnecessary and irritating ingredients while maintaining product stability – naturally. 

(We believe that waxes, added emulsifiers, sulfates, alcohols, petroleum products, silicones and fragrances all fall into this category, and so we choose to avoid them.)

We  encourage you to experience what truly natural skincare is like.

We know you’ll enjoy it, we definitely do!


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